• January 2020 : We're sorry if your Instagram orders are delayed, not delivered completely or not delivered at all, we're making efforts towards improving all Instagram services. Also, do not forget to use the Support Tickets for complaints.

How to Order

Don't know how to order?

Here's what to do. Firstly, you need to fund your account by clicking on Deposit Funds, choose your preferred payment method. Now after you have funded your account ,go to dashboard to make an order. Select your preferred social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud).

For Instagram:

1. Select Preferred Service(Followers,Likes, Views)
2(a) For Instagram Followers, choose the preferred quantity, your link is your profile link in this format >
2(b) For Instagram Likes and Views , to get the link, simply go to the post and click on the three dotted icon, select share and copy the link. Now paste this link.
Reveal Instagram Options
Select Instagram Share Option
Copy Instagram Link

For SoundCloud:

1. Select Preferred Service(Followers, Plays, Subscribers)
2(a) For SoundCloud Followers and Subscribers, go to your SoundCloud profile page, your profile is in this format >
2(b) For SoundCloud Plays, simply go to your post(song) page and click on share, then copy the link and paste on our website, enter in your preferred quantity.
Select Share on Soundcloud
Copy Soundcloud Link

For YouTube :

1.For YouTube Views,Likes and DisLikes, go to your post(your video), enter your preferred quantity. Our Views only accept multiples of 1000( Don’t worry you won’t get an exact amount of 1000 as bonus views will be topped up on your post).
Copy Youtube Link
2. For YouTube Subscribers, go to your channel profile page and copy your link from your browser URL box. Choose your preferred quantity of subscribers and Submit Order.
Copy Youtube Link

For Twitter:

For Twitter Followers, your profile will be used, your link comes in the format Enter in your desired quantity and submit order.
For Twitter Likes and Retweet, to get the link, go to your post and click on the short arrow you see on your post and select Share Tweet Via.., then copy the link and paste on our website.
Copy Twitter Link

For Facebook:

For Facebook Post/Photo Likes and Views, go to the post tap on the picture or video and on the next page, copy the url from the url box of your browser. This is a format >
For getting the link on PC, go to your post and right click on the Timestamp, then select Copy Link Address and paste in the link box of your website.
Copy Facebook Link
For Facebook PageLikes, go to your page dashboard(or homepage), then copy the link from the url box of your browser, it has the format, , if on mobile, , either link is valid.
Copy Facebook Link
For Facebook Followers, go to your facebook profile page and copy the link in the url box of your browser,it has the format

For Web Traffic:

simple input the link of wherever you want traffic on in your website. Simply copy the url from the url box in your browser.


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